Polymorphous Mat System as East Boston Elementary

Spring 2012 | This design for an elementary school in East Boston is a mat system of interconnected, elevated spaces that peak up for intra-school programmatic needs and plunge down to engage with the greater community. 

Self-Assembly via Programmable Transformations

Spring 2011 | Project Partner: Angela Wang | This goal of this project is to produce a field system capable of transformations and self-assembly through the aggregation of oscillating units. 

Generating Oscillating Chemical Reactions


Spring 2011Through manual Rhinoceros modeling and Python scripting, this project models the fundamental feedback mechanism in oscillating chemical reactions, which is when one process proceeds until reaching a critical point, thereby kickstarting a second and  opposite process. Taking bounding boxes of various geometries as external stimulants, this system describes how a single object can grow in a spatial oscillating reaction, creating planar and structural patterns in the process.  

Bridge via folded, woven units